Willow CorneliusBorn in a Tee Pee in the mountains of Canada and raised by hippie parents in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was taught to take time to pay attention to all the splendor the world and its people offer. I am a rainbow and butterfly chaser at heart, an observer of all things beautiful in this world. As a child I would spend hours watching people and the ways they would relate to one another. I learned to value the unique qualities people have and came to find so much joy in observing the connections they share. I have carried this with me into my adult life.

I believe that at the core of what connects all of us is love. The love new parents feel for their newborn child, the love of two brothers bonded through years of play and learning together, the love for self when a woman feels beautiful in her own skin.

Through my photography I feel so linked to people and their love story.

Photography has helped me find myself and my place in this world. It is the best way I know of to share the magnificence I see in people. I truly believe this was what I was born to do. Photography is my passion and I have worked diligently over the years to refine my skills so that my vision is effectively conveyed through my work. There is nothing more fulfilling for me than being able to create a photograph that captures all of the love felt between people. I want to help you tell your love story.